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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

June Wrap up

So JT and I are packing up house soon and moving into my family home while the rest of my family except dad move out. We'll be living basically upstairs and dad downstairs since his accident.
It'll be good for him and us when we invest in the rest of the house.
We'll rent out of small 2 bedroom "cottage" to JT's sis. So i'll be keeping track of our journey of renovation and life via this blog.

Hipster Jarrah:
Visiting Grandma in rehab

Chicken Schnitzel and home-made lemon ruski night:

Rudd's space-man:

Harry: warming the bonnet

TECHNOLOGY: As much as I curse my iPhone for it's broken button that I procrastinate in fixing - it's still one of my fav. items. Ever since I was little and watched Inspector Gadget I always wanted a computer inside a book like Penny had...and I guess that's what an iphone (if not an iPad) really is.

Here's my latest app that ages you:

Bunnings browsing: spotted these three bins i'd like to incorporate into the new family house to keep people in line!

My first attempt at Sushi:

= Not so good...should have minced the tuna up more and added some flavour to it...rather bland and flakey.

The giant plants out the front of our guest window seems to be sprouting an interesting node...I think once they get to a certain age this happens...?


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