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Monday, May 16, 2011

Times they are a changing…

So much has changed in my/our families lives so far in 2011. My father was involved in a motor-bike accident that resulted in him becoming a paraplegic. 4 weeks later my 91 year old grandmother was involved in a massive head-on car accident and broke her legs, hands, ribs & nose… among many other injuries. 4 weeks after that I had my first accident ever and wrote my car off after I aquaplaned across 4 lanes and hit metal and cement dividers (stopping me from driving into a river).

Tied into the injuries we had family dramas with dad’s sister, his (now ex)girlfriend, my mother and her new dubious partner, financial turmoil and the decision to move dad into the family home and JT and myself to take on part of the LARGE mortgage and live with my dad once he gets out of hospital.

Doctors theorise that he’ll be ready to move back home in about a month…a lot of work is yet to be done.

We plan to renovate the whole downstairs area of dad’s house. Widen doors, re-tile floors, install floating wooden floors, create a bathroom for him etc. etc.

The family visits dad several days a week. Which isn’t easy with him being on the other side of Sydney in Randwick. But we’re doing more and more out of hospital events. Like Movies, dinners, lunches at local food stores.


Just today Clarissa and I went in to have Thai for lunch with him. Afterwards we stopped in at a cute little pastry cafe near the hospital. It served every kind of pastry you could possibly think of. As well as lunch food and fresh soup with crusty bread.


We picked out two choc eclairs, a heart shaped mouse cake and a vanilla cannoli.


Add a cappuccino, a sunny spot on the grass at the local park and it surmounted to a gorgeous afternoon.


Clarissa and I felt bad throwing away the half a cannoli and mousse cake we had left (true Dubois style).


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