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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

French Toast and Health-ish eating

I've had a lovely morning catching up on Uni work, walking Rowdy and Seymour and making French Toast with strawberries and cinnamon sugar.

I love the asthetics of french toast almost as much as the flavour!

I've also been cooking/baking more as of late - filling up the cook book Katrina gave me on my Hen's-Afternoon Tea day last year.
I'd like to think as I make up/tweek recipes and record them I can pass them onto my kids one day.
Below is a peach crumble i've been perfecting with vanilla icecream - n ot super healthy but super yum!

I'm also trying to drink more water everyday - i'm alsways so terrible at remembering to drink a glass so I carry around this crystal clear drink bottle that Jarrah got from a Microsoft IT course he did recently. Also a small jar of nuts and fruit - i LOVE dried pineapple!

And here's my little Seymour snuggling into Rowdy's bum on a car trip to Castle Hill to visit my folks.
They have become the best of friends and always look out for each other.
Once a neighbours cat hissed at Seymour and Rowdy ran it out of the yard (something he would NEVER do normally) - very manly like of him!


htbui May 5, 2010 at 7:06 PM  

toast with strawberries? hehe i must try

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