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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Thursday musings

Above L to R:

  • Me at a little picnic Jarrah, Rowdy and I went on.
  • The funky old bathroom at the archive library at work it's always freezing but peaceful.
  • My "award" that I naughtily "borrowed" from a bowling club one NYE - the reason I did so is sitting next to it - sweet sweet beer.
  • Some graffiti I found in Turramurra. "I Heart this guy".
  • An old coin donation contraption - i played with these all the time as a kid - you place your coin in and it swirls all the way down the spiral - however my lil brother and I would stop it before it got to the end and start it again - we'd still donate, only just the one dollar.
  • A retro looking scene in Westmead hospital, we were there after dad's heart attack scare - "The chicken must be delivered!".

Above L to R:
  • The picnic again.
  • A little red ink sketch I did while at work one day.
  • A coffee I made when I was working at Island Films in Balmain - I loved that place, such a beautiful area. I loved visiting the Lola et Moi boutique on lunch breaks and shopping at the huge organic food store.
  • This is in the dark bowels of an underground karaoke bar in Sydney city. It was for Bryce's birthday and we had such a great night - wall and random street twister, climbing into wall cavities, dancing on couches and as you can see breaking the rules. :)
  • Just a street sign on the way through North Rocks.
  • An odd scene one early morning in Pyrmont with two Elvis impersonators crossing the road in front of me - no one seemed to think it was out-of-place.

This flu seems so relentless - if it's not an aching body it's nausea and headaches. I guess I can't really complain I haven't been sick with a cold or flu for 10 months now, i know this because I was being very diligent in keeping well and taking vitamins before my wedding in last October - and I hadn't been sick since (apart from the lovely migranes).

My cat Baxter can't decide whether to come inside or not, he sits meowing at the door but refuses to come in when I open it for him - maybe he's trying to tell me that "timmy's" fallen down the well, or old man's barns on fire. Either way it's too cold and wet to venture outside today.


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