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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sickly Wednesday

So it's hump day and i'm slowly getting over my flu, which has been waxing and waning for almost a week now. I am studying for my exam tomorrow and procrastinating via blogging (clearly).
I have snuggled down into my "world's most comfortable" couch and decided to play around with the polaroid app. (mentioned last post).

Here's my fresh cup of tea made in my new little kitchen.

Here's the view from my "new" little kitchen. The view is of our back yard with no fence and the park/reserve behind our house. Also with pretty paper lanterns and my basil plant thriving on the windowsill.

Jarrah and I have recently moved into our first home - a little 2 bedroom "cottage" in Western Sydney. The house is tiny and made of fibro.
We have grand plans to knock it down in the future as it's on a 720SqM block of land hence we don't want to spend too much money on the current house.

We gave it a fresh coat of white paint, pulled up the carpet and painted the floorboards a dark brown. We replaced the kitchen cupboard handles from white plastic ones to brushed stainless steel.
The backyard was completely overgrown so we had a bobcat come in and gut the yard - which included pulling down the old back fence. We are going to replace it with a cream colourbond one but are finding it very hard to get a fence guy interested - the fencing trade must be doing well in these hard financial times because we can't get anyone to call us back.

While i'm on a rant I may aswell add that i'm uber poor a.t.m. as my bank card was skimmed recently and before I could cancel my card some buggers in Canada withdrew ALL my money, which included my monthly pay that had just gone in that day!
My bank kindly gave me an overdraft to cover my bills and our fence deposit but then they also withdrew almost $70 in overseas ATM fees! Absolute tards!

Grrr I have to wait max. 21days for the fraud dept. to get my money least my tea tastes nice. :)



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