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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Lemon Butter recipe and weekend goodness.

Well this weekend I decided I really needed to find some uses for the lemons I had picked from our lemon tree.
I decided on finding a recipe and making lemon butter with most of them.
I trialed a simple recipe with some alterations and it turned out well - see below with photos:

Choose 3 healthy lemons

Remove rind from lemons and finely chop

Juice lemons and strain pulp and pips

Add 1 cup of sugar into a saucepan.
Crack 3 eggs into saucepan and mix thouroughly.
Add juice and zest(chopped rind) and mix thouroughly.
Place saucepan on stovetop and cook on medium heat.
Add a tablespoon of butter or maragrine.
Stir constantly until it reaches a thick gravy consistency then remove from heat.

Fill warmed glass jars with lemon butter.

Keeps for a few weeks.

My Nana first showed me how to make lemon butter - however I have lost her recipe. This one however is nice and sweet and you may leave out the rind if you like a smoother curd.


We also gave Rowdy his first bath in the new house's bathtub.
Baxter our kitty helped by sitting ever so close to the edge of the bathtub and would tap Rowdy on the head or tail every-so-often.

Baxter isn't too worried about water and will jump into the bathtub after a shower to sit in the puddles of water.

We also bought him a nice new sky blue collar on the weekend with 2 bells - as he thinks of himself as a little warrior hunter and our neighbour like to feed the native birds in her garden.


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