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Monday, January 5, 2009

Summer BBQ Inspirations

1. Music by the B-52's. Silly fav's like Rock Lobster are light and fun.
2. Ofelia Throw Rug from IKEA. Great for sprawling on the grass or if the evening gets a little cooler.
3. Steamed Pork Buns - Bought frozen at local Asian grocery. An absolutely quick, easy and delicious starter idea. Always popular!
4. Woven banana fibre pod cushion from IKEA. Perfect for extra seating inside or for sitting outside in the yard and picnics.
5. eva solo table grill from Top3 By Design. Ideal for small courtyards or apartment living.
6. Vintage blue summer dress found on Etsy. Look for lovely vibrant summer blues.

I love the ease putting on a BBQ provides.
All the food's relatively easy to cook - Sausages, steak and salad rarely goes wrong. You can cook it while chatting to friends so it can become a very laid back social occasion.
BBQ's also provides a chance to entertain outside in the warmer weather and the use of garden fairy lights or lanterns add to the friendly outside atmosphere.

Add some good wine and your set!


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