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Monday, January 5, 2009

Rough Patchwork Curtain

Cut squares of varied coloured and/or patterned fabric - enough to fit your window space.
Arrange in the order and pattern you desire.

For this project you can use material off cuts or old sheets you may have lying around. Or pick up some cheap sheets at an Op-Shop, that's where I got my fabric.
I used 25cm squares - very roughly cut.

You'll need to use a few safety pins to join the squares together to make it a no-sew project. Otherwise you can hand sew just the corners together or even connect all the sides together to make a solid curtain.

Once you've connected the squares together attach the curtain to a curtain rod.
I simply attached more safety pins to the top squares of the curtain and threaded string through them to tie it to the curtain rod.

Hang in the window and you have a hippy style patchwork curtain.
I placed mine in the laundry.


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