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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Fox Fever

There's something about foxes that I adore. Despite their troublesome nature, they are cute and slender and make for lovely graphics, ornaments and jewellery peices.

Here are just a few Fox Fav's of mine from Etsy.

This little guy is a small Arctic Fox ornament by ThylacineDen. He has the sweetest features, so round and innocent.

Here is a delicate brass bracelet with fox charm and flower locket available from Hello Berlin.

These two item feature more traditional looking foxes with the red, white and brown tones.


Left: Set of two lovely, soft, double-layer cloth napkins, refashioned from secondhand sheets and hand-printed with water-based inks. Available from CakeHouse.


Right: Round Pocket mirror by Madison Craft.

A few posts back I mentioned one of our Pound Pups called Knoxxy. He is a Corgi x Husky and has similar features to a fox - however alot more rounder. Having him around adds to my love of foxes.

Interestingly enough about 50 years ago Russians started an experiment breeding only the tamest of foxes from litters and continued to do so for 40 years, producing domesticated foxes, of which had extreme similarities to the modern domesticated dog.
The foxes fur colours started to change to resemble fur patterns similar to modern dogs, they started wagging their tails, barking and were very affectionate towards humans - traits not found in normal foxes.
They found that it was tied into how much adrenalin the foxes had, wild foxes had a great deal more than the domesticated foxes.

If interested have a look at a clip on it HERE, it's very interesting stuff.


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