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Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to University Inspirations

1. Vintage 1970s Blue boho dress found on Etsy. Match it with a thin belt.
2. Agadir basket found at Hard to Find. Large woven shopping style baskets like these are very versatile and make it easy to find things in the bag. I like taking this style of bag to uni with me as apposed to a lumpy backpack.
3. Brown leather Compendium by Corban and Blair found on Hard to Find. Simple notetaking device. Sometimes it can be easier (depending on the subject) to take a smaller notebook to uni everyday and just compile the sheets in seperate folders at home.
4. Toshiba A300 Laptop - Not as lightweight as others but more affordable for a student and powerful enough for more than just Uni work.
5. White Ankle Wrap Gladiator Sandals found on Etsy. These style of shoes are everywhere this summer, so i'll soon get sick of seeing them, but for now I do enjoy these strappy summer sandals.
Whenever I used to go back to school (and now Uni) it would feel like a fresher start to the study phase.
Starting off with great aspirations and goals for the year - even if some of it was just grand dreaming it was always a fun and exciting time.
I return to my third and final year for my Bachelor at Uni this year. With it comes new goals and a need to strive for some good marks.
Again i'm filled with nervous excitment.


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