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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Puppy Presents

Christmas is always the time of year when most puppies are bought and often 7 months down the track that’s when they are dumped and find their way to the pound.

Most dogs at around 12 months of age are now close to their full size yet still act like a puppy. Some people can find this difficult to live with.

Obviously consider the long term dedication that’s needed when you are going to buy a puppy/dog, but also consider where you’ll buy it from.

Pet shops are no-no’s when it comes to dogs. Try breeders if you’re after a certain type of dog.
But in my opinion the best option is to adopt a pound puppy. These dogs are in dire need of loving homes. You can get all sorts of breeds and ages, just take the time to look.

We’ve had 3 dogs from the pound and all are so loving and a joy to have around.

Also even as cute as puppy’s are they take a lot of time and effort initially – consider adopting an older dog, who has settled down and may be friendlier to the furniture.

Visit Renbury Farm's website for their dogs.

Or their links page on the left hand side of the website titled 'Rescue Dogs Needing Homes' to find many other pound websites.

Below is a picture of our families 3 pound dogs. Bella and Rowdy were adopted as 8 month olds and Knoxxy was 2 years old.



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