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Monday, December 1, 2008

Fabric Inspirations

Featured Fabric Artist: Kate Broughton

Her Etsy shop features a cute collection of fabric brooches and prints. Her fine use of felt and needle work create such unique little pieces!
1. Felt Bags - these great A4 size bags are perfect for carting around UNI books and even a laptop. A soft and modern design.
2. These personalised herringbone ribbons are high on my wishlist, they are a more earth friendly alternative to other ribbons.
3. Custom made button/badges - the perfect and easy way to add something to an outfit or a bag. They also make great present fillers.
4. Handmade fabric tags - These will be my next fabric project. With an eyelet plier and a stencil deisgn these little guys are so easy to make and can add so much to a product or present.


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